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Covid-19 Disinfection Services

Urban Cleaning Pros, LLC is proud to be at the forefront of offering Covid-19 Disinfection Services for local businesses. We know the importance of keeping conditions sanitized and safe for your employees and your customers. We’ve stayed current with and adhered to the CDC’s guidelines, including utilizing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our company members and technicians.

It’s also been essential to offer electrostatic sprayers and hospital-grade disinfectants to clean your workspace or business. Even as the threat diminishes, it’s important to keep it that way and instill a sense of security among your staff and customers.

We may be known for pressure washing in Oklahoma City, but you can feel confident we’re just as skilled when it comes to our Covid-19 Disinfection Services. Let us use our newly acquired expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to create a healthier and safer environment for your commercial facility.

Promoting Safety, Health & Wellness Pre-Pandemic

Even before the pandemic, our focus has always been on cleaning and sanitizing. While a job like Drive Thru Cleaning may not sound like the same thing as Covid-19 Disinfection Services, much of the goal is the same - create a clean, healthy, and safe environment for staff and guests.

We are able to concentrate our efforts to take care of common high-traffic areas and touch spots like:

  • Door Handles
  • Handrails
  • Computer Keyboards
  • Elevator Buttons
  • Light Switches
  • Restroom Faucets

Everything from personal workspace equipment to shared common area fixtures need routine cleaning and disinfecting. Trust Urban Cleaning Pros, LLC to get the job done with skill and expertise.

Coronavirus sanitization

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Coronavirus sanitization

Offering The Highest Level Of Protection Against The Coronavirus

Keep your patrons, guests, patients, visitors, and staff safe with our high-quality work. We do more than offer the best pressure washing; we’re also the trusted local resource for thorough cleaning and sanitizing.

We follow the protocol recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and then use this as our guideline for professional service for our customers. When you need Covid-19 Disinfection Services in Oklahoma City, trust Urban Cleaning Pros, LLC - the company that cares.

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If you are looking for Covid-19 Disinfection Services in the Oklahoma City area, then please call Urban Cleaning Pros, LLC today!