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Are you looking for the most reliable pressure washing services in Oklahoma City? Urban Cleaning Pros, LLC are the experts you can depend on for the best professional pressure washing results.

We treat every project as if it were our own. No matter how filthy your outdoor surfaces are, our team will give your home the exterior cleaning you deserve!

For the best pressure washing in the Oklahoma City area, search no further than Urban Cleaning Pros, LLC!

Residential Cleaning

Our Residential Services

Whatever pressure washing project you have in mind, we have the professionalism and expertise to bring you the best results. From window cleaning, fence cleaning, house washing, and more, Urban Cleaning Pros, LLC has the premiere pressure washing services for all of your exterior cleaning needs.

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Our Commercial Services

Ready to get your business back to pristine condition? Our pressure washing experts have just the solutions you need so your commercial property can look better than ever. With our premium cleaning agents and careful attention to detail, we can make your business truly stand out.

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Frequently asked questions about pressure washing

Yes! We know how important it is for your commercial property to look good, and that’s why our team is more than happy to help out our fellow businesses with precision pressure washing. Pressure washing will help give your business the visual appeal of cleanliness and professionalism so you can thrive in any market. Urban Cleaning Pros offers such wonderful commercial pressure washing services such as:

  • Building Washing
  • Drive-Thru Cleaning
  • Parking Lot Cleaning
  • And More

We look good when your business looks good. When you’re ready to get your commercial property sparkling again, don’t hesitate to contact Urban Cleaning Pros!

Different surfaces require different cleaning techniques. If, for example, you want your house sidings cleaned with Urban Cleaning Pros house washing service, regular pressure washing just isn’t going to cut the mustard. Factors such as water pressure, cleaning solutions, and equipment can make all the difference between a dazzling clean or a disaster.

Where regular pressure washing relies mostly on the strength of water pressure that gets sprayed out to clean a surface, soft washing relies on lower pressure. This softer spray of water allows for a more concentrated mix of powerful cleaning solutions that get showered over a surface at a wide-angle.

Once applied, this foamy bath breaks down attaching contaminants such as algae and dirt and allows them rinsing off without causing any damage to the surface area. Soft washing is the proper and tested way to clean off delicate surfaces that may otherwise be damaged by standard pressure washing.

Despite the temptation to get your hands and boots dirty as well as save a little bit of coin, pressure washing is something that’s better left to the trained professionals. Depending on the type of surface that needs pressure washing, understanding the right equipment, methods, water temperature, cleaning agents, and attachments required is crucial for a quality clean and avoidance of expensive damages.

Comparing risk versus reward, the investment you’ve made towards your property just isn’t worth the chance of seriously harming it. Depend on the professional pressure washing team at Urban Cleaning Pros for peace of mind and a quality shine.

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